CMHC Award in recognition of service to the industry

Education committee at WRA – 1988

WRA Sales Divisions- Chair in 2000 – having served 4 years and 2 years on BOD during this term

WRA President-2005- Chair of Finance- 2 consecutive years - 2003/04,President Elect- 2004, Past president 2006

Committees at WRA- PR/Member services, Investigative, Pro Standards

MREA- President -2009, Finance chair- 2007. President elect-2008, PP 2010

MREA Committees- Education- 2007 -2009, Chair-2010

Governor on MREA Shelter committee

Task force setting up the MREA Shelter Foundation and Realtors® Care Committee

3.Professional record

Dedication- has actively been involved in the local and provincial Boards and served hands on in a large variety of committees the course of involvement since early 1990’s. Served as chair person, been involved in a variety of task forces, chaired Investigative procedures and always fully prepared with the issues at hand

Participation – actively involved with all discussions and the decision making processes

Duration of involvement

WRA Sales Division- 1998-2002

WRA BOARD -2003-2006

MREA BOD _ 2007- to present day.

Current- chair of education, Director on MREA Board, MPAC committee

Public Relations(image)

Strong positive public image in the City and seen as a women of integrity. Vibrant media spokesperson throughout her involvement in her organized Real estate and was enjoyed a high profile and was the media contact person her term as WRA president bringing a strong positive Realtor image to the public . Excellent rapport and working relationship with the media.

Leadership – (loyality) excellent strong leadership style and abilities enjoying the respect of the membership and her peers both locally, provincially and nationally. Strong public speaker and has a commanding presence. Has taken the CREA Leadership courses as well.

In her year as WRA president and MREA president she chaired well organized meetings and encouraged active participation of the directors around the table. She challenged others to participate in discussions and valued the input and opinions of all directors.

Her unique leadership style also included a special ability to show the volunteers that their input and dedication was valued and appreciated and she took time to use as many opportunities as possible to re enforce this gratitude in a variety of ways.

Professionally (ethics, expertise, attitude and service)

-Her ethics are unquestioning and she lives true to her word. Her actions reflect the honest and professional image that has long been recognized by her peers and the public. She is well respected in the workplace and her community. Her proud and positive attitude about the RE industry and the service that Realtors provide in helping individuals and families find their right home is an integral part of who she is as an professional.

Education- (Real Estate)- completed her Real estate course in 1987 and received her Brokers Status in 1993

4. Community Involvement

a. Dedication – dedicated to making a difference and helping when ever and where ever possible. Within her company-Royal LePage she has been a vocal and active participant in the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation. Her dedication and passion in helping raise funds and public profile for the cause has awarded her recognition every year since 2005 and she was awarded the National Philanthropic Award for outstanding contribution in 2009 from over 14,000 Royal LePage Realtors .

Participation- She has organized a wide variety of fundraising events in support of the RLP Shelter Foundation and these events have raised thousands of dollars. She has been recognized as the Spokes person for the Shelter Foundation.

Duration of involvement- has been actively involved, promoting, serving on committees, organizing fundraising events , being media spokes person since being a part of the Royal LePage franchise in 2000.

Public Relations-appointed by Toronto as media contact person and recognized as such by media and Osborne House. Has been on Breakfast TV promoting Shelter and has coordinated Free Press support for the cause.

Leadership- being recognized and awarded for consecutive years of leadership in Winnipeg as a Shelter supporter and has inspired others to become involved. Her passion for the cause has assisted in improving public awareness to the devastating effects of domestic violence in our communities and city and raised the support for Osborne House throughout the Royal LePage offices.


Spokes person and fundraising chair of the RLP Shelter Foundation in WPG for major charitable events – 2 Fashion Shows-2005-2006, Comedy Fundraiser-2007, Rack and Roll-2008, 2 Garage sales- 2009, 2010

National Philanthropist for RLP Shelter Foundation 2009

Record Holder for Recipient of Shelter Award- 4 years

Duration of involvement- last 6 years

Royal LePage Prime Real Estate

1877 Henderson Hwy
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2G 1P4